Beautiful Dancer Print Release – Jim James @photojimsf

My friend Jim James (@photojimsf) is offering a limited edition of this beautiful new giclée print for sale. For additional details, click above to visit Jim’s Instagram site, or visit his website here:
– DR

Stonewall-50 Years — 2019 Art + Pride Exhibit – Photojimsf!!!

Congratulations to my friend Jim James who has TWO vintage photos from the late ’70s in this amazing group show at San Fancisco’s Harvey Milk Photo Center. Jim writes:

I’m happy as a dog with two tails to be included in this big group art show. My two vintage photographs from the late 70’s were delivered just yesterday to the center. Would you like a sneak peak?

Original logovia Stonewall-50 Years — 2019 Art + Pride Exhibit – Photojimsf!!!

Click above to learn more, including how you can get a sneak preview of his fabulous photos.

Also, YOU’RE INVITED to join Jim and the other photographers at the exhibits opening reception. (This is one more great reason to head to San Francisco for Pride!) Click through to Jim’s post to learn all about it!

Happy Pride Everyone!


Some of the best break dancing I’ve seen in Pattaya, or…

My friend Jim loves Thailand, and he travels there as frequently as possible. Fortunately for us, he documents many of his adventures with photos and videos, and then he posts them to his blog PHOTOJIMSF!!! Follow the link to see his YouTube footage of Thai guys breakdancing in the streets of Pattaya. I think you will agree: these kids are really great.

–  dr

Some of the best break dancing I’ve seen in Pattaya, or anywhere. OMG the guy juggling the hat starting at 4:50. Catch up on the chatter at from Tumblr

Source: Some of the best break dancing I’ve seen in Pattaya, or…
Video by Jim James at PHOTOJIMSF!!!