UPDATE: Doug gets a new man…

Ted Randler‘s “Of Flowers and Flesh” at Gallery Blue Door is irresistible

Doug with his new man, the “Prince of Paper Birds” by Ted Randler

HAPPY PRIDE TO ME! As promised, I made my way back to Gallery Blue Door last week to choose a nice Pride gift for myself. So of course I got myself a new man. Pictured with me above, my “Prince of Paper Birds” is the man of my dreams: handsome and creative, no complaints, no arguments, and very low-maintenance. I can’t wait to bring him home!

Did you get a Pride gift for you (and/or a loved one) yet? If you hope to add one of these beautiful works to your collection you’d better move quickly, or you chance will be gone!

PLEASE NOTE: This show is not strictly paintings and drawings of beautiful men. There are also some exquisite images of lovely women frolicking in the foliage and sweet pictures of fauna mingling with flora. Below are some of my favorites.


(Left to right) “Bloom” acrylic, 16″ x 12″ 2020 | “Japanese Red Maple on Embassy Row” acrylic, 30″ x 24″ 2020 | “Last Night He Dreamt of Rousseau in the Moonlight” acrylic, 24″ x 18″ 2019 All work by Ted Randler
(Left) “The Hibiscus Thieves” acrylic, 18″ x 24″ 2020 | (Right) “If You Look Into His Eyes He Will Steal Your Soul” acrylic, 24″ x 30″ 2019 Both by Ted Randler

Paintings and Drawings
Gallery Blue Door, 833 Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201
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Ted Randler: Of Flowers and Flesh

Paintings and Drawings at Gallery Blue Door, May 29-June 26, 2021

While gallery hopping in Mt. Vernon on Saturday, I dropped in to see the LGBTQ+ Pride month exhibition of Ted Randler‘s gorgeous paintings and drawings at my friend Scott Philip Goergens’ Gallery Blue Door. In “Of Flowers & Flesh” Randler’s use exotic, erotic, and often charming imagery of human bodies framed by and immersed in thick tangles of lush floral prints. The show also includes a number of spectacular landscapes, some with gentle wild animals lounging or frolicking in dense flora or nibbling on sweet vegetation

Randler’s style of applying paint is reminiscent of pointillists like Georges Seurat; Randler’s bright sensual colors make one think of Paul Gauguin; and Randler’s floral patterns are inspired by wall papers, much like Henri Matisse’s work. The combination of works, including drawings with powerful black markings on white media and painted canvases rich with saturated colors, could inspire a full re-thinking of our beautiful rainbow flag.  The work is truly breath-taking.

I just couldn’t decide which one(s?) I should take home during my brief visit, so I’m going back there again this week. Located at 833 Park Avenue in Baltimore, Gallery Blue Door is open on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and by appointment. The show will be up until June 26. For information and details, visit GalleryBlueDoor.com


Gallery Blue Door, 833 Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201
Telephone: 410-802-6665
Email: gallerybluedoor@gmail.com